Improvisation for Blues and Rock Guitar is a step by step instruction manual with an accompanying audio .mp3 designed to take you from beginning to advanced lead guitar soloing. This book is a "must have" for anyone desiring to further their understanding of lead guitar techniques and how to improvise with pentatonics and modes, along with learning modal theory.


•This 45 page book and .mp3 combines elements that many other books do not offer; individual licks, detailed music theory as it applies to blues and rock lead guitar soloing, and great backing tracks to practice with. This book is great for self study or for guitar instructors to use with their students. 
•16 classic licks written in tab and notation. 
•All 16 licks played individually on the available .mp3, first at slow tempo, then at a faster tempo.

•9 full band backing tracks with explanations of what modes work best with them, scale form diagrams and chord charts of each song. 
•Full explanation of the seven tone and five tone (pentatonic) scale shapes. 
•Detailed information on how and when to use the seven basic modes and pentatonics